Our approach


Whether facing disruption to your business, a new market opportunity, or a critical system under-performing, the challenge (or opportunity) must be fully understood first.

We immerse ourselves in your domain in order to clearly understand the current state, identify the cause, and assess the real impact in order to get a definitive understanding of the challenge at hand. We collaborate with you to produce empirical data to define the problem through theorizing, testing, and measuring the expected results.


Whether having multiple possible solutions, or no clear avenue to pursue, we need to understanding exactly what your options are and their scope, complexity, risk, and cost in order to assess your path to a solution.

We advocate an experimental approach based on lightweight proof-of-concepts to test solution options, evaluating the results, learn and iterating, finally identifying the best fit candidate for further development. This approach addresses risk earlier on in the delivery and increases solution fit. It gives you confidence in the expected scope and complexity of a solution before committing to expensive development.


With a problem scope that is well defined and understood, and a candidate solution that has been identified through experimentation, the following step is solving the problem.

Solutions are taken from proof of concepts, and iteratively designed, built, and tested to completion.


With a solution in hand, the final consideration is implementation into your organisation. We will help you plan for and address the challenges that come with taking your new solution live.

Solutions need to be managed, maintained, and monitored throughout their lifecycle, supported by the appropriate training for users and maintainers, with a clear definition of what continued success of the solution looks like.

The Edge Digital way

Our approach starts with a belief in our people. We bring a combination of expertise and pragmatic experimentation to the table. We focus on time to value with a clear view of what success should look like. Working with us gives you the best of the tried and tested methods, along with the new and innovative. Whatever we do, we tailor it to best fit your particular challenges and goals.

We strive to provide you with an approach that is both innovative and tailored but not compromised. We keep laser-focused on the outcomes, with a team of experts behind us who live for solving the hairy problems and delivering value.

As problem solvers, everything begins with the problem you want to fix. Your problem might be small, such as you might be paying too much for your cloud environment. Or it could be more significant, such as your business is being disrupted. No matter where you are on the spectrum, we can help.

Our engagement


Need an expert to guide you in a particular problem, or to help you get to the next step? We can help you identify the gap and move forward.


You have a team of subject matter experts, but need additional capability to get your project up and running and see it through. Our experts can integrate with your team and help you achieve your goals.


Sometimes you simply need your problem to go away, and to reclaim your orginisation's bandwidth. We can provide you an independent, self contained team to work alongside your orginisation to deliver the outcome.